Aussie Wide Horse Supplies – Where Quality Counts

AWHS is a South East Queensland based horse rug company which evolved due to personal experiences with sourcing and purchasing a huge range of rugs over many years which were ill-fitting, poorly manufactured and generally far more expensive than their quality assured.

I purchased Aussie Wide Horse Supplies as a going concern, and have established a quality control relationship with my manufacturers which ensures that my products are exactly what I claim them to be, and that their quality does not slide after first release. If every shipment and design is not up to my exacting standard, they go back, and my manufacturers are well aware of this.

I test all my rug designs on my own horses and those of friends who have ponies or larger size horses, to ensure that size, fit and durability are to my exacting standards. I believe this – that if I wouldn’t use it on my own horses, I won’t sell it to you.

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